Focus on what God has done

I realised how quickly I forget what God has done for me because my focus is wrong. I am so quick to focus on the things that God hasn’t done that it causes me to become ungrateful. I think many of us are guilty of this and it may not be the healthiest way to look at our lives. It can very quickly negatively influence our relationship with God.

Looking at my life, in the last year, God has changed my circumstances for the better in every single way. I went from a job where I was absolutely miserable to a job where my boss is an amazing Christian, where most mornings are started with prayer and where my hours are flexible to focus on my studies as well. I went from being so alone after the break-up, to meeting and making amazing Christian friends, who really have changed my life. I received an amazing opportunity to go study photography (a dream I have had for most of my life). God helped me through my honours and I am finishing the degree in two weeks. God provided healing of my heart, soul and body and gave me renewed strength and hope, day after day, and month after month for the last year.

But what do I focus on? The fact that I am still single. Yes. Even as I write that I am realising more and more how ungrateful and ridiculous it actually sounds. But it is true. We are so quick to focus on the one aspect where God hasn’t provided, yet. Big emphasis on yet.

I strongly believe God wouldn’t give us the desire to be loved and to love, if He wasn’t planning on providing in that aspect as well. There could be a myriad of reasons why God hasn’t provided in this area of my life yet. When I take some time to truly think about it, I know that I still have a lot of healing to do and a lot of hurt to still process. I am still broken and maybe that is okay. I firmly believe that God has a plan and purpose with everything.

So perhaps for now, I just need to remember that my God is so much greater than anything else. And I need to remember that actually He did already provide an amazing love. His love.

It is amazing how just a change of perspective changes everything. So focus on God. Focus on the good things that he has already done and remind yourself each day of His mercy and grace.


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