Because Sometimes You Just Need to Hear Jesus Say I Love You – Book Review Jesus Loves You by Christine Topjian

Never Underestimate God

It absolutely astounds me how God reaches you in the strangest, simplest or most unconventional ways.  I was asked to review Jesus Loves You by Christine Topjian and it is an awesome book mainly aimed at young children… Yet, it touched my heart, and I will even admit a few tears were shed.

For a while now, I haven’t been able to write a post, because I felt so alone as though God was so far away. Even though everything I know told me God was close, it was so hard to feel close to God in those moments. And through these personal struggles, it has been absolutely astonishing how God’s love has shone through in incredible ways.

God’s love reaches out in ways we can never even begin to imagine, and sometimes all we have to do is stop, listen and realise that we were never alone to begin with. God never left and He never will.

God is close

When what I was struggling with was God feeling distant, He sent a book to review on my path. A book where the focus is all about communicating how God was there all along and how He truly understands every aspect of our lives. He understands and cries with us through the heartache, pain, sadness and even more amazing, He rejoices with us in the happy, joyous times in our lives.

How awe-inspiring to think that an eternal, infinite God is so personally involved with us and loves us beyond our comprehension.

So while the book Jesus Loves You may be aimed at children, and I wish I read it when I was little, I would say that even as an adult, I needed to read it. It served as a wonderful reminder of God’s love and presence. Right when I needed it the most.

Jesus Loves You Book Cover

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