Around a year ago, my life changed forever when I went through a terrible break-up. I was convinced that this man was the guy I was going to marry, as I was convinced he was the one that God sent on my path. This conviction that this guy was my “soulmate” nearly ruined me, because for the last 4 years I put him first in every aspect of my life. Not realising that a man sent from God would not take me further away from God to the point that I believed I was too far away for God to ever love me. This blog will serve as my platform to share my experience of how God truly took the worst year of my life and transformed it  and used it for good.

I felt that there weren’t many platforms that talked about the subject of break-ups, broken-hearts and rejection in context of God. Especially around the subject of when the break-up revolves around a person that you believed God sent and placed in your life.

Please know that I am just an ordinary girl, who through God’s compassion and mercy, started a new life. I am by no means an expert in theology. I am just a girl, who was brokenhearted, who God spoke to and said “That boy is not your great love, I AM”.